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Our Story

PURPOSe with every purchase

We are an ethically sourced fashion and home decor company that believes in design with a purpose. Our company works very close with artisans around the globe to design finished goods and acquire raw materials that help create sustainability for both the environment and respective global economies.  

Our travels have taken us to some amazing places. We have hand selected vintage rugs, exotic textiles, gemstones, and other home goods to share with you here at Our promise is to keep the most interesting selection of vintage rugs, home decor, artwork, jewelry and handcrafted gifts for you to enjoy. 

In addition to our pursuit of good design and global awareness, we are growing a local non- profit that puts our motto to the test


Our mission is to use design for a purpose and our purpose is to create humane environments for families. The focus of this project is to help families both locally and abroad with a focus on healthy meals, supplies and educational items. We work side-by-side with volunteers and other community leaders to assist underprivileged families, both local and globally. 

In addition to our local projects every month will be donating 10% of all Jewelry sales to is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world by providing access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon pioneers innovative sustainable solutions to the global water crisis giving women hope, children health and communities a future.



We  collaborate directly with the artisans to insure responsibly sourced goods. We are proud to have the ability to develop new partnerships with artisans and small business alike. A beautiful example is Berber and Indigo one of our collaborative effort with a Moroccan rug company that works directly with the Berber tribes in the Atlas mountain's to keep traditional hand loomed carpet making a viable trade.